There are a variety of options that provide the opportunity to live and work in Canada. We have expertise in all fields and can fully assist you with what can be a difficult and confusing application.


How We Help

We explain and help you understand all of the options you have for Express Entry, along with the application process, the documents required, and the standard fees.

We assess all of the criteria you fall under along with your education background and work experience and other eligible factors to help you reach the highest possible number of points based on your circumstances.

After figuring out the selection criteria, we help you choose the ideal program based on your circumstances and your needs, as well as identifying which options you can successfully apply for with the highest possibility of being invited to apply for permanent residency.

We can submit your application on your behalf, if needed. This will require us needing your personal information and essential documents to complete the process. We can also review any applications you have completed by yourself, to check whether you have missed any key information or paperwork.