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We are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your Canadian dream.

Immigration Services

We are a passionate team supported by a significant amount of experience of providing expert advice to our clients, as well as ensuring their application processes are smooth and easy to understand.

Education Visa

Learn about applying for a student visa or study permit to attend college or university in Canada.

Business Immigration

Open up your business in Canada. We can help you.

Skilled Immigration

Skilled workers have the option of applying for the Working Holiday Visa. Learn about it here.

Spouse/Family Visas

You can bring your spouse, partner, or your dependent children to Canada, and have the option to sponsor them to become permanent residents as per eligibility.

Tourist & Visitor Visas

Canada welcomes over 35 million tourists per year. All visitors who are not Canadian permanent residents require permission to enter the country either for business or leisure purposes.

Resident Return Visas

For current or former Canadian permanent residents or citizens who want to travel abroad and return as permanent residents and either keep or regain their resident status.

Working Holiday Visas

With eligibility, you can apply for a temporary work permit which allows you to legally live and work in Canada. Available for 12 or 24 months, depending on your country.

Sponsored Business Visas

Whether you are interested in beginning a new business or purchasing one in Canada, you can be nominated for sponsorship of a business visa depending on your business plan and performance agreement.

Language Courses

Canada is home to many English language schools where you can develop your language skills in order to live here. We can help you find one that fits your needs.